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All Habitat Sign Photos, Artwork, and Text... ©HabitatSigns.com/ Kevin Karl

Our standard Habitat Sign designs are available in sizes 9 X 12 and 12 X 18 inches. We offer both English and Spanish versions. All of our signs are created using the same quality materials. Rich, full-color artwork is printed on a durable (3.4mil) performance vinyl and protected with a gloss "UV" laminate. The artwork is hand mounted to a heavy (.063") baked white aluminum commercial sign blank, meeting U.S. Dept. of Transportation standards. Habitat Signs are designed to last for years outdoors, plus, they look just as amazing when used for indoor presentations. Habitat Signs current lead time to ship is approximately 12-17 weekdays from the time payment has cleared. 

9 X 12 signs are $33 each. Includes free shipping within the USA.
12 X 18 signs are $50 each. Includes free shipping within the USA.
(Discounts available when ordering multiple signs)

Sign designs, color, text, may vary slightly from examples shown below.

Monarch Waystation HabitatSigns.com
Monarch Waystation Spanish Bee Friendly Habitat Sign
Bee Friendly Habitat Sign
Organic Garden HabitatSigns.com
Jardin Organica Sign habitatsigns.com
Honey Bee Habitat, Habitat Signs
Habitat Honey Bee Sign Wildlife
Pollinator Habitat Sign, HabitatSigns.com
Pollinator Habitat Sign, HabitatSigns.com Habitat Signs Monarch Butterfly Monarch habitat waystation sign
pollinator habitat wildlife pollinator habiat signs wildlife
Wetland Habitat Sign Wetland Habitat Sign
Know Before You Go Sign Caution Bear Aware Sign Pollinator Bumble Bee Pollinator Habitat Bumble Bee

9 x 12 vertical signs have (2) 3/8" diameter mounting holes located 1.5 inches from the top/bottom edges, on center.
12 x 18 vertical signs have (2) 5/16" diameter mounting holes located 2 inches from the top/bottom edges, on center.


Habitat Signs below available as 12 X 18 (and larger).
Organic Garden Monarch Butterfly Know Before You Go   Habitat Signs

Other 9 X 12 Habitat Signs... Horizontal Format

Bear activity in area   Bear Habitat

• Tips and Care for Your Habitat Signs •

Your Habitat Signs will look great for many years and will retain color quality longer if they are mounted in a position not facing direct sunlight the entire day.
Important: To avoid damaging the graphics when mounting your signs, use a flat washer between the mounting hardware (screw, bolt, nail, etc) and the vinyl artwork surface.
When choosing a location for your Habitat Signs, leave enough clearance between your sign and vegetation so that they are not at risk of being scuffed by branches and foliage.
In areas with higher levels of air pollution, your signs can be cleaned occasionally by lightly wiping the surface  with a soft towel and mild soapy water. Also try this method first with graffiti.
Make sure your Habitat Signs are mounted securely to a solid surface or post.
Location and Height: Always consider ADA access guidelines so that everyone can learn and enjoy!    

•  FAQS  •

Standard Habitat Sign designs are not ready made. They are printed and mounted per your order. And as such any order cancellation request after an order has been started will take into consideration work and material cost up to that point as well as possible money processing fees. Larger orders may incur additional fees when 3rd party services are used to complete or deliver your project.
Payment is required in advance via PayPal, check, cash. The creative process begins after your payment has been received and cleared.
As the creator, HabitatSigns.com (Kevin Karl) owns all copyrights to original photos, graphics, and text used for our signs. They may not be reproduced, transmitted, displayed, used for promotions, without written permission.
If you are providing HabitatSigns.com with images, text, and content for custom designed panels, then you acknowledge that you have the necessary permissions  and copyrights to use the materials you are providing.
For custom signs and panels we will have a written agreement between parties which will reflect the scope of your project.

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All Habitat Sign Photos, Artwork, and Text... ©Kevin Karl

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